Apple TV is becoming another platform for our developers while Apple announced tvOS and new generation TV device.

By convention in developers’ world, we will develop a ‘Hello Apple TV!’ style example.

First please download and install Xcode 7.1 beta from Apple developer page. In the templates for new project, you’ll see a new catagory for tvOS. Please select the simple single view application template.


The following steps are same as creating a new iOS applicaton. You will also be very familiar with the generated files.


Ok, in the ViewController implementation file, we will add the UI elements and logic. It’s very simple to show ‘Hello TV!’ and the tap gesture on play/pause button of Apple TV Remote controller will change the color of the text.

We don’t use button as usual but a tap gesture because the interacton is very different with iOS even the codes are similiar. We will dig deeper on this topic later.

Build and pray!


The complete project is on GitHub.