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Machine Learning

Caffe2 on iOS, Deep Learning Tutorial by Jameson Quave - In this tutorial I’m going to show you step by step how to take advantage of Caffe2 to start embedding deep learning capabilities in to your iOS apps.


17 Xcode Tips and Tricks That Every iOS Developer Should Know - Being familiar with your IDE is one of the easiest and best ways to sharpen your skills.


fastlane for React Native iOS & Android app DevOps - Having lost 2 days down numerous rabbit holes getting a continuous deployment pipeline working for React Native with fastlane…


How to analyze usability from motion - I will call your attention to five ways that usability is being created by motion, through the use of the following UX in Motion Principles: Parallax, Masking, Offset & Delay, Overlay, and Easing.


Staying Competitive with App Updates - Like changing the oil on your car, keeping your app up to date can save a lot of pain down the road. … Many of the most popular apps are updated very frequently, often weekly.


The top GitHub projects per country - Let’s find the most popular GitHub projects for each country.


An Engineering Manager’s Guide to the Future of Work - I’ll dig into how to build dynamic systems and controls for distributed teams, how to develop people in a distributed environment, and how to scale distributed teams in a high-growth startup.


Why Change App’s Icon Dynamically? - This is my own article on use cases of changing app’s icon dynamically. It is also listed in the popular iOS Dev Weekly.

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