Machine Learning

YOLO: Core ML versus MPSNNGraph

Apple has announced two new technologies for doing machine learning on the device: Core ML and the MPS graph API. In this blog post we will implement Tiny YOLO with these new APIs.

Can Core ML in iOS Really Do Hot Dog Detection Without Server-side Processing? - Savvy Apps

How Core ML Solves Machine-Learning Problems for iOS Developers & How to Use Core ML in Your iOS Apps

GitHub - hetelek/Neural-Network-Playground: A neural network Swift playground, with no third party dependencies.


GitHub - bjarnel/arkit-tictactoe

In this example I have taken the simple scenekit tic-tac-toe (another of my repositories), and tried to put it in ARKit:)

The game also includes a decent AI opponent.

[ARKit Tutorial with SceneKit iOS Swift Tutorials by Jameson Quave](

In this tutorial I’m going to show you how to work with ARKit, the new Framework from Apple that allows us to easily create Augmented Reality experiences in our iOS apps.


iOS linting at Pinterest – Pinterest Engineering – Medium

In this post we’ll cover how we implemented linting and best practices learned along the way.

What’s New in Swift 4 by Example - AppCoda

It brings some really nice improvements and very much needed additions to existing Swift 3 features which you will learn all about in this article. I will use Playground to go through the code change with you.


GitHub - artemnovichkov/iOS-11-by-Examples: Examples of new iOS 11 APIs

Code examples for new APIs of iOS 11.


Staying Motivated – The Year of the Looking Glass – Medium

I believe that motivation is a muscle. Like any physical skill, you can improve your motivation with regular exercise. There’s no secret sauce, but here are a few of the ways I’ve practiced getting and staying motivated